Wood Industry Development and Education Trust - Draft Selector
The Wood Industry Development and Education Trust is a charitable trust that supports students undertaking career-related studies in the wood and forest industry sectors in New Zealand and entities involved in research, development and the advancement of forestry and wood science. read more

the WIDE Trust is pleased to support these entities

Funding Opportunities

Tertiary Studies

for students studying towards their first tertiary qualification, related to a career in the wood or forestry sectors, at a University, Polytechnic or other tertiary education institution

Post Graduate Studies

for students continuing studies beyond their first tertiary qualification, or undertaking research, related to the wood or forestry sectors

Best Practice Study Tour

to inspire motivate and educate persons, actively pursuing a career in the forestry or wood industry sectors in New Zealand, to explore innovations, best practice processes and procedures and leading edge technology in these industries globally.

Vocational Studies

for students undertaking trade qualifications or on-the-job learning, such as apprenticeships, in the wood or forestry sectors